Filipino Youth Worse Off Than Peers in Asia, Africa

By Cheryl M. Arcibal ( | Updated April 4, 2014 – 4:02pm

MANILA, Philippines – The Filipino youth are worse off than their counterparts in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Morocco, and Ghana, – countries, like the Philippines, that are also classified as “lower-middle income” – a study said.

According to the Global Youth Wellbeing Index, released by the US-based think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, the global youth organization International Youth Fellowship, with the Hilton Worldwide, the Philippines placed 22nd among 30 countries included in the rankings.

“In certain cases, the Index reveals more pronounced levels of dissatisfaction. While there is little change in the ranking of the top eight countries and bottom five countries, there are notable changes among the remaining countries,” the report said.

“Mexico ranks seven spots higher with the exclusion of the subjective indicators, Brazil moves up five places, Russia moves four, and Turkey and the Philippines both move up three places. These changes indicate their Index scores were driven down by a generally negative outlook among young people in these countries,” the study added.

The Index measures a set of 40 indicators that address the overall national environment, youth-specific outcomes, and youths’ outlook and satisfaction levels across six interconnected aspects of their lives (domains): citizen particpation, economic opportunity, education, health, information and communications technology (ICT), and safety and security.

The Index includes 30 countries representing income and regional diversity and nearly 70 percent of the world’s youth population (aged 10 to 24).

The main findings of the study are:

* A large majority of the world’s youth are experiencing lower levels of wellbeing.

* Even where young people are doing relatively well, they still face specific challenges and limitations.

* Even where youth may not be thriving, they display success in certain areas.

* How young people feel about their own wellbeing does not always align with what the objective data suggests.

*Across countries, domain average scores indicate youth faring strongest in health and weakest in economic opportunity.

The Filipino youth, the study said, ranked weakest at citizen participation (24th) and economic opportunity (24th). They also ranked 23rd in ICT, 21st in health, 19th in education, and 18th in safety and security.

Here’s the complete rankings of the Global Youth Wellbeing Index:

1. Australia
2. Sweden
3. South Korea
4. United Kingdom
5. Germany
6. United States
7. Japan
8. Spain
9. Saudi Arabia
10. Thailand
11. Vietnam
12. Peru
13. Colombia
14. China
15. Brazil
16. Mexico
17. Jordan
18. Turkey
19. Indonesia
20. Morocco
21. Ghana
22. Philippines
23. South Africa
24. Egypt
25. Russia
26. India
27. Kenya
28. Tanzania
29. Uganda
30. Nigeria

The study said it hopes to help stakeholders make sense of separate, often conflicting data on learning, livelihoods, community or political engagement, health, physical safety, and other aspects of youth wellbeing.

The Index is also designed to facilitate both thought and action by promoting increased attention to and consultation with, deliberate dialogue about, and guiding invetsment in young people.

There are estimated 1.8 billion youth aged 10 to 24 on the planet today, representing the largest youth generation in human history.



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