Philippines Less Happy Than Progressive South East Asian Neighbors in 2013

The United Nations (UN) released their “World Happiness Report” for 2013[1], and one glaring fact from the list was how the Philippines was “less happy” than most of its more progressive South East Asian (SEA) neighbors, coming in at only 6th in the list. Here is the placing of SEA countries from the list:

30. Singapore
36. Thailand
56. Malaysia
63. Vietnam
76. Indonesia
92. Philippines
109. Laos
121. Myanmar
140. Cambodia

Little wonder, as in the Philippines, 1 out of 4 Filipinos is living below the Poverty Line. In fact, there is a real correlation between “Poverty Rate” and “Happiness Level” of countries in SEA as countries with less Poverty Rates are more “Happy” than countries with high Poverty Rates like ours. Here is the same SEA countries with their Poverty Rates[2]:

Singapore = 0%
Malaysia = 3.8%
Thailand = 8.1%
Indonesia = 12.5%
Vietnam = 14.5%
Laos = 26%
Philippines = 26.5%
Cambodia = 31%
Myanmar = 33%

So in effect, the Philippines is still near the bottom of countries in SEA in terms of Poverty Rate and Happiness Level, lumped with countries like Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. After such a long time, up to now the ONLY Catholic country in SEA is still, the SICK man of SEA …

[1] UN 2013 World Happiness Report,
[2] Index Mundi Country Comparison – Population below poverty line,


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