Rhythm Calendar = Team Patay

Details Published on Wednesday, 03 April 2013 00:00 Written by DAHLI ASPILLERA

Poor women relying on the Romano Fertility Rhythm Calendar have too many unwanted, unplanned pregnancies. They are regular clients of back-street illegal abortionists.’

MANY of my relatives and friends, mass-going, communion-taking devout romanos, in fact have always used condoms, IUD, vasectomy, tubal ligation, contraceptives (not abortifacients, which are illegal and cannot be prescribed by physicians; are unavailable except from herbal quacks).

Because the well-off can afford to buy dependable means to space their pregnancies, they never have to seek illegal abortionists. The only romanos who must seek the services of abortionists are impoverished women who have no money for food, much less for expensive commercial contraceptives.

Without money for contraceptives, poor women have to believe in the priests’ Fertility Rhythm Calendar. These women, raped by a husband, resulting in repeated unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. These poor women are the regulars at the illegal abortionists.

Are all romanos, religious and lay, refusing to believe that in every barangay, in every barrio is a resident abortionists? Has any religious/parish priest ever exposed or demonstrated against an illegal abortionist’s shop? Their customers are desperate married romano women on their 9th, 10th , 12th pregnancies.

Pope Francis knows that most Latino men, like many Filipinos, don’t take “No!” when he is horny. Most men do not respect his wife’s Romano Rhythm Calendar.

This romano Rhythm is Pro-Death, Team Patay. Illegal back street abortionists are busy, thanks to the romanos’ Russian roulette Rhythm Fertility Calendar and those undisciplined Filipino males.

Why unplanned, unwanted pregnancies? On threat of hell and mortal sin, the CBCP keep its eyes on the bedroom routine of couples. The CBCP does everything to kill the Reproductive Health/Responsible Parenthood law that the entire world has come to accept to protect poor women from unplanned unwanted pregnancy. The RC forces the Rhythm Fertility Calendar on gullible Filipino romanos. To the CBCP, condom, IUD, tubal legation, vasectomy are all mortal sins, doomed romanos in the fires of hell for eternity. Calendar or no calendar, the woman is raped by her bed-mate, and pregnant the next day.

Romanos who think themselves as Pro-Life are in fact Pro-Death Team Patay, because they force the CBCP’s Fertility Rhythm Calendar on the gullible poor women who end up pregnant and seeking illegal abortion. The Calendar does not work. Never worked. These illegal, back street abortionists are busy, thanks to romanos’ Fertility Rhythm Calendar.

Who then are the Pro-Death/Team Patay ? The priests pushing Rhythm Calendar… the illegal abortionists… the romanos prohibiting contraceptives,,, the politicians scared of the Romano Block Votes (in fact there is no such thing as “religion vote”). We have seen politicians heavily endorsed by religious sect leaders. ending up not being elected. And those churches have no idea which of their loyal members were disloyal. Romanos will vote as they please.

Pope Francis knows the worthlessness of the Rhythm Calendar. South America, the Pope’s home, has the same poverty, ignorance, RC intimidation on the poor, just like in the Philippines. I lived in South America; my son was born there. I know Buenos Aires, the hometown of the Pope. The RC dogmas interfere with any good that President Cristina Fernandez is doing for Argentina. Just like CBCP vs. P-Noy, CBCArgentina vs. President Cristina Fernandez.

If the romanos’ Fertility Rhythm Calendar is the cause of illegal abortions even among romano marrieds, Pope Francis must know that Rhythm is PRO-DEATH. The Rhythm is the TEAM PATAY.

In my next column, priests who are in “TEAM TATAY.”

Source: http://www.malaya.com.ph/index.php/opinion/27868-rhythm-calendar–team-patay


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