Cebuano Youth Leaders Urge Cebuano Legislators: RH Now!

by RH Agenda on Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 7:27pm ·

Reproductive health is an issue for all Filipinos. We know everyone has got something to say. It is time that the legislators listen to the youth.

The pursuance of Reproductive Health has never been this far in our history as a country. For almost 15 years now, a concrete measure to provide for reproductive health care services that our people deserve is still pending and debated. It is with this urgency that we call our Cebuano Legislators to say YES for RH Bill!

Firstly, it is myopic to think that being Pro-RH is being anti-life; moreover it is for a better quality of life, RH bill will save lives. We are human rights advocates, and we believe that life’s sanctity must be protected not just at conception but after a child is born. Each child is a blessing and parents must have children they can responsibly take care of. Those children must be given their rights, and most especially, all the love they can get. But please look around you and you will see that there are so many children not being properly taken care of, so many children whose human rights are not being provided for. Again, we must protect the sanctity of the life of each child being born. So many children want an education but if you live in a household of 12, it just gets harder and harder for parents and their children to have that dream realized.

The sad truth is that many just walk by the children on the streets, when they ask for some coins for food to fill their stomachs. Many do not help, and then we condemn them for sniffing rugby to ease their hunger. What is your answer to their cries? We really need the responsible parenthood, reproductive health and family development bill to be enacted.

From RH Agenda Visayas Chair, Gea Ecoy: “If I were a legislator and I said no to RH bill, my conscience would haunt me knowing that I could have done something to save mothers dying daily due to lack of maternal health care, to rectify the lack of information to guide every one about the choices that ultimately affect their life and those they love, knowing that I could have done something so that a young girl wouldn’t contract cervical cancer or that someone would acquire AIDS, knowing that so many children deserve their human rights to be given–such as education, a happy life, all the love–but many of them are just left on the streets to fend for themselves. I am using my conscience in saying YES to the RH bill.”

If we say the RH Bill does not deserve funding, it’s just the same as saying their lives do not matter. Saying no to a concrete measure is saying let’s just hope and wait for things to get better, for lives to be saved. Doing nothing is apathy, and the opposite of love is not hate—it is apathy.

RH BILL IS FOR THE YOUTH. Ignorance is not bliss. It is downright dangerous. Do you know that one out of 4 youth in a national survey said that AIDS is curable? How do you expect people to make good decisions when we withhold accurate and values-oriented education about reproductive health, about themselves and their bodies–ultimately about their life? Who would educate the youth about these issues? The Internet? Their peers? We deserve more than that. Parents are not withheld from educating their children, merely; they are given partners to guide their children. We tell our legislators today: It is not immoral that we ask to be equipped with proper education regarding what affects our lives and our health. Having options does not make us morally loose. We urge you to trust in the youth. Our religious freedom is not being compromised here.

They say RH is just for women. Does AIDS only affect women? Definitely not. Everyone wants to stop the increase of AIDS, everyone wants to save lives. There’s a concrete measure to do that, so what’s stopping us from all being advocates of reproductive health, being advocates of human rights?

We will reiterate. We support the bill not because it is the one-all cure to poverty. We support the RH bill because it is a concrete measure for a better life, for the right to reproductive health, to well-informed choices that will save our lives and guide the youth in achieving our dreams and aspirations.
It is with this that the youth urge Cebuano legislators to start representing the people. In a Social Weather Stations Survey, covering Cebu, Pranaque and Manila, an overwhelming majority agreed that students should be given adolescent health education in school, agree that the government of their city should have a policy on reproductive health and family planning, that the government should provide free supply or service to the poor who wish to use any family planning method.

To our legislators: whose voice do you really follow? You have heard what we have to say, and more importantly, we hope that you listen.

Lastly, it does not make you less of a Catholic or of a Christian to say YES for RH Bill. If you give rights and services to those who need it, if you save the life of a mother by enacting a law that promulgates so, if you teach children the value of sex, do you violate the law of GOD? No.

We echo the words of Sister Joan Chittister, Benedictine nun, author and speaker: ”I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is.”

Pass RH Bill Now!

Take courage and stand for the rights of your people! Give The Gift of Life This Christmas.

A message from:

Cebuano Youth Amabssadors
Student Council Alliance of the Phils.(SCAP)-Cebu City
SCAP Visayas
Reproductive Health And Gender Advocates’ Movement-Visayas
First Time voters-Network, Visayas


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