Visiting Spanish Parliamentarians Endorse RH Bill

September 24, 2012 6:54pm

Five members of the Spanish parliament who visited the Philippines earlier this month had asked Congress to pass the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill.

In a joint statement released to the media on Monday, the parliamentarians said the RH bill is “necessary” to guarantee the right to health of every Filipino.

“We encourage the Filipino Parliament to adopt the bill on reproductive health, which has been designed focusing on the reduction of maternal mortality by increasing access to basic and emergency maternal care, contraceptive methods and post-abortion care,” the foreign lawmakers said.

The members of the Spanish parliament who signed the statement were Carmen Monton, Juan Carlos Grau, Antoni Pico, Laia Ortiz and Anna Figueras.

Spain is a predominantly Catholic country, just like the Philippines. Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines are opposing the passage of the RH bill.

The parliamentarians also expressed support for the promotion of “age-specific contents on sexual and reproductive education” in the curricula of Philippine schools.

The Spanish lawmakers said these proposals can address their concern over Filipino women’s inability to plan their families.

“Women cannot decide when and how many children they want to have as a result of the lack of preventive policies on sexual education and comprehensive family planning,” the statement read.

The RH bill, one of President Benigno Aquino III’s priority legislations, promotes the use of both natural and artificial methods of family planning. The measure is still pending second reading in both chambers of Congress. — Andreo C. Calonzo/KBK, GMA News


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