HB 4244 Provisions Notably Beneficial to Women and Young People

Philippine Daily Inquirer
11:47 pm | Saturday, September 1st, 2012

– Information on and provision of the full range of all legal (registered with the Food and Drug Administration), medically safe and effective modern methods of family planning (whether “natural” or “artificial,” “without bias for either”)

– Modern family planning products and supplies recognized as “essential medicines” in the National Drug Formulary to facilitate volume procurement (based on the WHO’s categorization of contraceptives as “essential medicines”)

– Centralized procurement and distribution of family planning supplies by the Department of Health

– Adequate number of midwives for skilled birth attendance at delivery; Capability-building on reproductive health for barangay health workers

– Access to basic and comprehensive emergency obstetrics and newborn care through hospitals adequately staffed and supplied; maternal and newborn health care in crisis situations like disasters

– Conduct of maternal death reviews to analyze the causes of maternal deaths

– Mobile outreach services in every congressional district

– Pro bono RH services for indigent women by the private sector/NGOs

– Maximum PhilHealth benefits for serious, life-threatening RH complications

– Age-appropriate RH and sexuality education beginning Grade 6 (amended from Grade 5)

– Budgetary appropriation for implementation under the General Appropriations Act

Source: http://opinion.inquirer.net/35888/hb-4244-provisions-notably-beneficial-to-women-and-young-people


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