Sotto’s Wife’s Obstetrician Would Have Supported RH Bill – Doc’s Family

August 23, 2012 9:06pm

( In his August 13 anti-RH Bill speech at the Senate, Senator Tito Sotto identified Dr. Carmen Enverga-Santos as his wife Helen Gamboa’s obstetrician back in 1975, when the couple lost their five-month-old son Vincent Paul. Sotto had claimed that Dr. Enverga-Santos had told him that the birth control pills that his wife had taken made the baby’s heart weak. Dr. Enverga-Santos has passed away, so her family was quite shocked that her name was brought up in Sotto’s speech. Dr. Enverga-Santos’ daughter Lea posted a formal statement on Facebook. After getting permission from her, we are printing the full version of her statement:

“As one of Dr. Carmen Enverga-Santos’ children, [I must say] we were all surprised to hear her name brought up by Sen. Sotto during the deliberations on the RH Bill.

Anyone who knew her, including her family, colleagues in the medical field, her medical students, friends, confessor as well as her patients, knows that she would have supported the RH bill and would have openly expressed her support for the bill because of her concern for our country’s problems with overpopulation and its subsequent impact on poverty, quality of life issues, and the health of all mothers.”

Meanwhile, due to the plagiarized passages in his speech, Sotto is now in hot water for plagiarism. Only time will tell which issue the senator will effectively resolve first. —



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