Church Goes All Out to Counter RH Bill

By Vito Barcelo | Posted on August 18, 2012 | 12:01am

The Catholic Church will launch its own nationwide natural family planning campaign in all the dioceses and parishes in the country to counter the Aquino administration’s aggressive stance of promoting artificial contraception, Manila bishop Luis Antonio Tagle said on Friday.

Tagle said Catholic priests will include in their sermons the natural family-planning method and will also distribute natural family-planning booklets to all archdioceses and parishes to educate couples on the “moral” method of planning their families.

Several dioceses had already conducted a series of seminars on the natural method of family planning as part of the Church’s “moral responsibility” to the people, Tagle said.

Church leaders believe that an active educational campaign would help empower the couples on the “moral, effective and safe” way of family planning.

The Manila archbishop said the Church was not only teaching that contraception violated Catholic teaching but also harmed women’s bodies and the environment.

Members of the “All-Natural Family Planning Network” will meet on Aug. 23 at the Pius XII Catholic Center to discuss plans to further improve their advocacy.

To be hosted by the Catholic Women’s League, the gathering will also serve as a venue for looking into the options allowed by the Church in terms of amendments to certain provisions of the RH bill.

The booklet The Standard Days Method of Natural Family Planning: Expert Opinions and Pastoral Perspectives will also be launched during the meeting.

“As a positive alternative to the RH bill, we can propose a nationwide program for All-NFP as a valid, viable and vital way of addressing the felt needs of many couples today for family planning and for their preference for NFP methods,” said CWL president Caridad Rabuco.

The Catholic hierarchy has consistently opposed the use of artificial contraception methods like condoms and pills.

It has clashed with the government over the passage of the RH bill, which has divided both Houses in Congress.

To dramatize their protest against the RH bill, the Catholic faithful staged a prayer rally in Ortigas despite heavy rain on Aug. 4.

Recently, the House of Representatives voted to terminate the period of interpellation on the Reproductive Health bill despite vocal objections from some of its members.

The RH bill, however, still needs to go through a period of amendments before it is voted on second reading.



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