Anti-RH Bill Solon Delays House Deliberations on RH Bill Amendments

By Karen Boncocan
9:15 pm | Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Palawan Rep. Dennis Socrates. Photo from

MANILA, Philippines – Lawmakers at the House of Representatives who are against the Reproductive Health Bill succeeded momentarily in delaying the deliberations on its amendments Tuesday.

Palawan Representative Dennis Socrates, for one, questioned the move by the House of Representatives to terminate the debates on August 6 instead of August 8, preventing efforts by supporters of House Bill 4244 to start the discussions.

Socrates questioned the move by the House to terminate the debates last August 6 instead of August 8. He said that he was surprised when he learned of the change in schedule, saying that many of them were prepared to vote on August 8.

Pro-RH bill lawmakers countered by rejecting, via viva voce, Socrates’ request to be allowed to deliver a privilege speech and by turning down his proposal for a nominal voting.

Deputy majority leader Miro Quimbo reasoned with the lawmakers that the RH Bill has hurdled its period of debates and that Socrates’ speech was no longer necessary.
Asked whether he was bent on delaying the opening of the RH Bill’s period of amendments, Socrates said that it was not only this development which he was trying to prevent and vowed to “fight the bill every single step of the way.”

He added that he was “satisfied” with what he has accomplished, saying that he was pleased that he “was somewhat heard.”

The House scheduled the start of the RH Bill’s period of amendments this Tuesday after the proposed measure ended its debates last week.



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