Anti Turned Pro RH Bill

Monday, May 28, 2012

It took me a while to finally put my thoughts in paper since I learned about the existence of this proposed legislation. I heard that this is being reviewed by the Senate and the House of Representatives every time a new president is elected. However, none of the previous administrations approved its execution.

It was less than a year or two ago when I first heard it in the news. I didn’t take the time to better understand what it’s about and how it would benefit the Filipino community. I simply based my stand from other people’s statements – which turned out to be unreliable sources of information and unreasonable points of view. They say ‘the bill revolves around every possible step that would legalize abortion’. That being said, I turned my back on it.

Not because I’m a Catholic and I was raised to fear God and obey His teachings. Not because that’s what my church supports. It’s because I never patronized the termination of a creature without fault.

I once considered abortion when my pregnancy at 17 came unexpectedly. It hurts to think that it was the only option I had to incessantly live the usual and orthodox way of life. I wished I didn’t even have to consider such selfish and immoral idea. After a few weeks of adapting to change and accepting the fate I chose – in the first place, I came into the best hypothesis – my son is meant for me. We’re meant to co-exist. And from the day I acknowledged the fact that my family and I’s lives wouldn’t be this great if I lost him in the process, I decided to stick firm against abortion.

Then, the day of enlightenment came.

My then boyfriend was asked to write an argumentative letter with the sole purpose of convincing an official to say ‘aye’ and support the most intriguing bill of this decade, the Reproductive Health Bill.

House Bill No. 5043
Reproductive Health Bill
An act providing for a national policy on reproductive health, responsible parenthood, and population development, and for other purposes

I wanted to help him because he already had a tower of paperwork to finish in a week’s time. There are two problems though: he is Pro RH Bill; I’m not, and the objective of the letter is to sell the advantages of the proposition.

The need to research arose.
It was easier than expected for my sister has a copy of the bill itself.

On a normal day and without a valid reason, I would not even turn its pages and skim through a thousand-word document. But that day, I did. I had to.

(This is a copy of the RH Bill I found on the web.)

The following bullets contain what I like about this bill.

– It will promote both natural and modern methods of family planning.
– It will endorse gender equality and women empowerment.
– It doesn’t want to sparingly spread the inadequate resources of the country to the quickly growing population and look back one day that it all went to waste because of ineffective allocation.
– It will provide importance and efficient health care services to ensure the birth, care, and responsible raising of healthy children.
– The freedom of informed choice will still be retained.
– NOTHING IN THE ACT CHANGES THE LAW ON ABORTION, as it remains a crime and is punishable by law. However, it will provide care for women with post-abortion problems without any inhumane judgment.
– It will provide RH education for the youth to prevent and manage reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and possible cases of abortion.

Frankly speaking, our country is not yet able or no longer able to manage the unforeseen rise of population
in the coming of years. They have not anticipated their incapability to handle this concern fifteen years ago, too. Our government officials haven’t made a difference, so how come they’re expecting changes with their age-old values and principles?

Therefore, this is the right time to implement this statute and not just ponder on it, or else our best shot to emerge as the 16th largest economy by 2050 will just remain an aspiration in the next four decades.

We have been wasting too much manpower, lives, time, and billions of dollars focusing on less important issues when the future of this country depends on its people. We have been pouring attention to airport brawls, impeachment trials, celebrity sex scandals, banning of foreign artists’ performances, and the ‘Magnum’ craze than reading about materials that would heighten our intellect towards the formation of a better society.

I am embarrassed by the number of years I spent opposing the enactment of this law. More so, I am embarrassed by my negligence. I owe a sincere apology to the people I have wrongly influenced.

But, it’s not yet too late. We can still make up for the losses. We can still spread the good news – “THE RH BILL CHANGES NOTHING ABOUT THE LAW OF ABORTION”. Let’s make it our responsibility to give the people a more knowledgeable interpretation of this matter. Let’s do something about their blinded perception. Let us change the world. #



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