by Gabriela Women’s Party – 15th Congress on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 8:10am

Gabriela Women’s Party representative Luz Ilagan today joined women warriors for reproductive health in expressing anew their demand for the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health bill.

“We are entering the women’s month in Congress without significant progress on getting a policy on Reproductive Health that has the potential to ensure women’s access to healthcare services enacted.”

The Gabriela solon expressed worries that as hunger and poverty worsen; women will tend to spend less for health, thus jeopardizing not just their personal health and their pregnancies but the health of newborns.

Ilagan notes that in surveys conducted by the Social Weather Stations in the last quarter of 2011, at least 9 million households experienced hunger in the last decade of 2011. More than 10.4 million households classified themselves as poor.

“Ang mga nanay, isusubo nalang ang pagkain, ibibigay pa sa anak. Women make sacrifices for their children every day and with millions of families going hungry, it can be expected that mothers will get the least share in the family’s budget for food. The least that legislators and this government should do is to help ensure that women are allowed full access to healthcare services by enacting a pro-poor, pro-women reproductive health bill,” said Ilagan.

According to Ilagan it would mean a great deal for women in far flung barangays if they had mobile health clinics to cater to their needs or if there were enough skilled midwives and health workers in their areas. These, Ilagan explained, were services that the proposed RH Bill would allocate funds for and help ensure.

“Gabriela Women’s Party believes that the essence of the RH bill lies in its pro-poor provisions that will give women a wide range of services including pre-natal and post-natal care, menopausal healthcare and the prevention and care for cancer,” said Ilagan.

Ilagan however said that it would also be crucial to have population control provisions in the RH bill removed for it to become genuinely pro-poor and pro-women. “It is our fear that the population control agenda as reflected in the Aquino government’s Philippine Development Plan will ruin the pro-poor provisions in the RH bill. When the population control agenda takes over, the RH bill will then cater to the interests of pharmaceutical multinationals more than it will serve the interests of poor Filipino women.” #

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/gabriela-womens-party-15th-congress/poverty-hunger-high-prices-weigh-down-on-womens-health-gives-more-reason-for-imm/344093762300932

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